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Welcome to Never-Never Land

4 Seasons above Crested Butte, Colorado | Drone 4K
Travel Crested Butte

4 Seasons above Crested Butte, Colorado | Drone 4K

Traveling to Crested Butte

Is Like Going Home

What makes Crested Butte so special is its ability to maintain its traditionally quaint and hospitable charm. Victorian-style buildings line the streets in town, delivering a taste of the Old West. The authentic vibe of the town is perfectly mirrored by the friendly locals, who make every newcomer feel welcome.

A One-Of-A Kind Destination

Although close to Aspen as the crow flies, Crested Butte is far from the glitz and glamour of the high-end ski towns. One of the key trademarks of Crested Butte is the total absence of branded restaurants and chain stores, making it genuinely a one-of-a-kind destination. Adorned with family-owned restaurants and businesses, Crested Butte feels laid-back and down to earth.

Best of all, compared to other popular resort destinations in the Rockies, it’s still quite affordable. Local lodges like the Nordic Inn boast comfortable accommodations for budget-friendly vacations.

A Small Town

With a Western Vibe

Originally a mining town, Crested Butte is the perfect place to slow down, get back to nature and enjoying the simple things. This down-to-earth spot has many fun western-styled buildings paying homage to a long lost way of mountain life. Isn't it time to  leave your stress behind and taking the time to appreciate life and the great outdoors? The mountains are calling...

The very first visitors who came to the Crested Butte area were trappers back in the 1850s. However the area did not receive its first true settlers until the 1860s when mining prospectors, searching for precious metals, happened upon the Crested Butte. Fast-forward twenty years to 1880 when the “Age of Coal” began, and approximately 400 people had since settled in the valley. It was at this time that Crested Butte was officially established as a town.


Unfortunately, the story of Crested Butte was not always joyous. When silver mining began to decline and coalmines eventually closed, Crested Butte hit hard times. It wasn’t until 1961 that the little town was revived with the help of a world-class ski area opening on Mount Crested Butte. Since then, the town has bounced back immensely. Crested Butte has been reborn as one of Colorado’s best-preserved and most popular resort towns. 

History of Crested Butte

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