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Thank you to Jason Bikes for this awesome video



As mapped, start at the smaller trailhead on Washington Gulch road. It's easy to get there by riding or driving from the intersection of Gothic road and Washington Gulch and following Washington Gulch road until you see a sign for Snodgrass on the right.


Once you're on the singletrack, the trail is very well marked with wooden signs. From Washington Gulch road, you'll pass through a narrow section in a thick aspen grove. After that, there's a somewhat technical section with a few short but sharp efforts, and a couple of steeper descents. Finally, you'll cross over a stream, climb a bit more, and will then be rewarded with beautiful views of wildflowers in the foreground and Crested Butte in the background.


You can either turn around to return the way you came, or continue onto Gothic road and complete the loop.


It's only 3.5 miles or so each way if you choose not to complete the loop on the road, but it's a great trail for a quick ride, or for an extra effort on the way home from some of the bigger rides that start/end further up Gothic road.


Although this is a short ride, its beautiful scenery, singletrack, and its proximity to town make it a well-traveled trail.


It's marked as a blue trail, but could almost be classified as green if not for a couple of short steep climbs and descents, and a narrow section through aspen trees.



Need to Know

We chose to start this ride from the small trailhead off Washington Gulch road because it's an enjoyable way to ride it. However, many people start from Gothic road.


It can be ridden as a loop or from town if you're willing to ride along Washington Gulch road for a couple of miles.


Make sure to be respectful and stay on the trail because most of this trail is on private land.


Note: Generally closed in July and August (and sometimes earlier) for cattle grazing. Check for details.

Trail Ranking (According to MTB Project):

#5 in Crested Butte

#56 in Colorado



7.3 Miles  - 100% Singletrack


855' Ascent

-853' Descent


9,982' High

9,501' Low


4% Avg Grade (3°)

23% Max Grade (13°)

Thank you to MBT Projects for all information about this trail.

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