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Fat Biking

Thank you to Travel Crested Butte for this awesome video

Get your heart pumping this winter with fat biking. These goofy looking bicycles are equipped with tires that can exceed 3.5 inches in diameter. Combine that with some low tire pressure and your new winter mode of transportation is still on two wheels!

Although Fat Biking is a relatively new sport in the outdoor industry, it hasn’t taken long for those of us in Gunnison-Crested Butte to pick it up. You might say it’s in our blood to ride bikes, and if we can find a way to ride year-round, you bet we’re gonna do it. In 2016 Crested Butte hosted the First Annual Fat Bike Worlds, and we plan to do it again year after year!

For Beginners:


The Crested Butte Nordic Center’s trail system and Crested Butte Mountain Resort are the best places for a consistent fat biking snow surface. The Nordic Center requires you to have a trail pass that can be bought for the year or day and trails are limited on the east side of their grooming area. Although it is a little pricier, this is the best option for beginners since it’s mostly flat and the trails are groomed almost every day.

For Intermediates:

Fat biking on the mountain requires an uphill pass and is only allowed before and after hours. Although the climbs are steep in places, the snow is fantastic and well packed, making for a consistent riding surface. Consult the uphill guide on CBMR’s website for maps and other information. CBMR also offers a couple singletrack trails in the area around Painter Boy lift that get packed and groomed for Fat Bike Worlds.


Our friends at Travel Crested Butte have listed out all the awesome trails around Crested Butte and have rated their level of difficulty them for you! 


Crested Butte Sports

35 Emmons Road, Mt. Crested Butte

Call: 970-349-7516


We are just steps away from the Nordic Inn in Mount Crested Butte.  We offer will offer a free tutorial on Fat Biking.  We will show you where the best trails are in the valley.  Free helmet rental with every bike.  Call us at 970-349-7516 to reserve you bike today!!


Our Fat Bike Rental Rates Are:

- 3 Hours                 $30 

-All Day (8 Hours)  $40 

-24 Hours                $60 

A special thank you to & Travel Crested Butte who provided all activity & trail information.

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