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There's No Place Like

Summer Camp 

Sometimes, no matter how beautiful the views or amazing the trails, you or the kids need a break from hiking, biking, and exploring. Visit the Adventure Park for a rousing game of Mini Golf, to try your hand at rock climbing, or give the bungee trampolines or Coke Zero Gravity BagJump a go. Located in the base area of Crested Butte Mountain Resort, the Adventure Park is fun for the entire family. You can purchase activities à la carte or make the most of your vacation with an Adventure


Tickets are available at the Adventure Center in Mountaineer Square and at the

Specialized Rental & Demo Center in the Treasury Building.

Tin cup mining company   NEW!

in honoring crested butte’s rich history in mining, kids can prospect for gems this summer at the new mining sluice; a 65 foot wooden structure where kids let the water wash over the sand and experience the fun of panning for treasures. With each adventure ticket, kids receive a one-pound bag of dirt to mine through. What are they going to find? Additional bags of dirt will be available for purchase at the crested butte rental and demo center as well as the adventure center.


Coke Zero Gravity Bag Jump!

Feel the gravity rush as you jump from a 32ft or 24ft platform on to a giant 50x50 ft air inflated bag! It’s fun, exciting and adventurous. Prepare for take off!


Bungee Jumping Trampoline

Fly high on the bungee jump trampoline located in the adventure park next to the climbing wall. Our experienced and fun adventure park counselors will get pumped and ready to soar!


Rock Climbing

Strap in and climb to the top of the climbing wall located next to the bungee jump trampoline. The rock wall is the ideal activity for kids wanting to inspire their passion for climbing!


Putt Putt Golf

Try your best to make a hole in one on gopher alley! Located under the covered structure in the adventure park, the mini-golf course is fun for the kids in any kind of weather!

Special thanks to Crested Butte Mountain Resort and Travel Crested Butte for activity details.

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